Massage Therapy For Children and Teenagers!!

"Massage Therapy for Children" is what is sounds like. We use the same massage Techniques as we do with an adult. Our pressure can be altered according to your child, and we communicate throughout their treatment just as we do with an adult. Children and Teenagers are growing human beings and some could argue they need more attention! They experience aches, pains, and stress! They have so much to benefit from regular massage therapy treatments. Improving symptoms from: poor posture, injuries, muscle tension, anxiety, headaches, Special needs, ADHD, children with cancer, and the list goes on! They will leave feeling refreshed, and knowing more about their anatomy and how their muscles play a roll in their health.

Pure Massage Therapy also offers, and promotes parent and child "MASSAGE DATES" to receive massage therapy together! Come in together, discuss your own needs with your RMT in separate rooms, and you both walk out rejuvenated!

CALL US TO BOOK YOUR PARENT / Child Massage date :) (519) 713-9349