Therapeutic Massage

Pure Massage Therapy massage therapists can perform moderate to deeper pressure on the body’s soft tissue to release persistent pain and tension patterns. Slow and methodical strokes are applied to the top layers of affected areas in order to penetrate to deeper muscle layers and achieve lasting relief from chronic pain for our clients.

When to Consider a Deep Tissue Treatment

Conditions that require a “deep tissue” massage often derive from work related posture problems, injuries, or problems that have developed from ongoing stress and tension resulting in persistent muscle pain that commonly occurs in the neck , lower back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Benefits of this Massage Include:

  • Release of tension and tightened muscles in affected areas
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved posture and physical performance

A Good Kind of Pain

During a session of deep tissue massage, some clients may experience a level of tenderness that can be termed a “feel good” type of discomfort. This sensation signifies the initial and natural un-tightening of a muscle or muscle group. Pure Massage Therapy always remain aware of a client’s comfort during treatment.